harles River Capital, Inc. ("CRC") is a private real estate merchant bank, investor, and developer that has invested in opportunities involving secured and unsecured real estate debt in addition to equity joint ventures and property recapitalizations.

CRC's goal since its founding has been to achieve unparalleled rates of return. CRC's hallmark has always been its willingness and ability to seize opportunities quickly, remain flexible and to continually and successfully adapt to changing market conditions.

The volatility of capital flows and the tendency of the banking system to cynically over-finance and then under-finance the property sector provide investment opportunities for us. In this environment, CRC has the ability to identify, structure, and finance investments efficiently and discreetly to produce optimal results.

Although there is no investment that can be characterized as typical, investments made by CRC generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Acquisitions
  • Acquisition of real estate assets including debt instruments with a short-to-medium term hold strategy.

  • Recapitalizations
    Short-to-medium term mezzanine debt or preferred equity financing to recapitalize a real estate operating company or individual asset.

  • Developments
    Debt or equity financing for real estate development or rehabilitation of existing assets in various property types.
Critical to consummating investments is CRC's ability to move quickly and decisively to analyze and assess potential investments.

For CRC, success in private equity investing depends not only on identifying and consummating acquisitions and joint ventures, but also cultivating and nurturing them.